To be aware of the effect of leadership decisions

Corporate leaders are to practice system thinking as a new tool that will allow them to measure the impact their decisions leave on society, states Shri. Arun Maira during the second Purpose Roundtable.


Organic BPS Showreel

An engaging narrative of who we are and what we do.

Why We Exist

Growth for all. Growth for good. This is the mantra for successful businesses in the post-pandemic world. Sustainability and inclusivity form the two critical dimensions of business growth. Growth will bring prosperity and well-being, while inclusiveness will provide overall development, and sustainability will ensure growth for current and future generations.

Over two decades of experience in building belief-driven brands has made us realize that the higher purpose of a business creates better employee commitment, customer loyalty, consistent profits, and a lasting legacy. We envisage building a better world through better brands. Inspired by the principle of 'Doing well by doing good', we pursue our Purpose to create a beautiful world where business, people and the planet thrive in harmony.

How We Do

Through decade-long research, learning and practice, we have developed Sustainable Business Framework (SBF) and Brand Purpose Solutions (BPS), two proprietary models to help companies achieve financial performance and societal impact. The SBF ensures that the Higher Purpose drives the three priorities - Planet, People and Profits. The BPS tool helps discover, activate and communicate the Purpose of a brand.

We also have 2 other avenues to pursue our purpose; Centre for Higher Purpose in Business, a research institution and Greenstorm Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation in the environment conservation domain.

The major activities of the Centre are the Global Research Observatory on 'Gandhi and 21st-Century Business' and Purpose Roundtable, global thought leadership conversations.

Case Study


Early 2020, when the pandemic struck, it left lives and businesses in shambles across India. Small Businesses were the worst affected.

What We Do

We cultivate purposeful brands. To seed purpose in business and to nurture it to bloom, the BPS tool offers 4 unique products - BrandFarm, GreenHouse, BrandBloom and Brandize.

BrandFarm helps you discover the Higher Purpose of your business. It involves a five-layered process that articulates the Purpose, Values, Vision and Mission of your business.

GreenHouse helps in activating the Purpose through experiential and interactive brand engagements. It's a unique solution that aligns the Persona, People, and Product with the Higher Purpose.

BrandBloom helps to communicate the Purpose to all your stakeholders. We use a three-layered Storytelling Technique with intriguing, strategic and emotion-packed narratives to leave a lasting impact on the minds of your audience.

Brandize helps create a brand design that aligns with the brand's purpose. By creating a unique visual language that strikes a chord with your customers, our brand design and consulting services help in faster recall and improving longevity.

Who We Are

Dileep Narayanan, Brand Mentor and a committed advocate of sustainability founded Organic BPS in 1999, with a culture deep-rooted in values.

His visionary journey towards a higher purpose began the day he christened his dream organisation 'Organic'. A company that discovers and articulates the deepest and the most natural expression of a brand, which he calls the "Organic Purpose".

The history of longstanding partnerships with clients bears testimony to our time-tested principle of brand trusteeship. We extend bespoke services to our clients and live their purpose with them through thick and thin. Today our clientele ranges from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We have a committed team of highly experienced professionals with diverse talents, guided by an eminent advisory board.