Our Story

The Story of Organic

Organic BPS was launched in 1999 by the God of Indian Advertising, Alyque Padamsee. With its name and philosophy, Organic wanted to champion natural, spontaneous, and truthful brand communication. Over the two decades, Organic evolved into India's First Purpose Branding Company.

As a purpose branding company, we believe in the idea of ''Growth for all. Growth for good''. This is the mantra for successful businesses in the post-pandemic world. Sustainability and inclusiveness form the two critical dimensions of business growth. Our experience in building belief-driven brands has made us realize that the higher purpose of a business creates better stakeholder commitment, customer loyalty, consistent profits, and a lasting legacy. We pursue our Purpose to create a beautiful world where business, people and the planet thrive in harmony through CHPB, a global thought leadership observatory, Organic BPS, a Purpose Branding Company, and Greenstorm Foundation, a global creative conservancy. The following is a snapshot of the milestones in our evolution.

Our timeline:

1999: Organic BPS Started as an advertising agency and evolved into a purpose branding company

2009: Greenstorm Foundation A global creative conservancy.

2016: BPS (Brand Purpose Solutions) Model Our proprietary tool to discover, articulate and activate the purpose of a brand.

2019: Sustainable Business Framework Our proprietary model for sustainable development.

2020: Purpose Roundtable The series of thought-leadership conversations on business purpose.

2021: Global Research Observatory "Gandhi and 21st-century business".