15 years of Inspiring Imagery

The world was reeling from the devastating impacts of climate change and global warming, which were exacerbated by mankind's unsustainable and reckless exploitation of precious natural resources. It was at this juncture that Organic BPS launched the Greenstorm initiative in 2009 to bring about a behavioural shift in the younger generation through creative storytelling.

Since its inception, Greenstorm Global Photography Festival has served as an exceptional platform for nature photographers from all corners of the globe to exhibit their remarkable creations, all while raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. Over the course of the past 14 years, the festival has established a strong presence in 75 countries, impacting the minds of 12 million young individuals worldwide. This extensive international reach enables the Greenstorm Foundation to actively engage with diverse cultures, societies, and ecosystems, thereby fostering a more comprehensive and holistic approach to educating people about the environment.

Over these years, Greenstorm has won many major national and international awards, including the IAA Olive Crown Awards in 2018 & 2022, the NIB Award 2017 for the Best CSR Activation, the Social Media Campaign of the Year 2018 recognition by the Public Relations Council of India, Gold Medal in the Pepper Awards 2018 for Best Photography, and CSR Award instituted by KMA(Kerala Management Association) in 2021.