Business with humanity

Mr. Dileep Narayanan's (Founder & Brand Mentor, Organic BPS) talk at the Business Conclave session of Come on Kerala - 2020 at Sharjah Expo Centre, Conducted by Gulf Madhyamam.

How important is authentic leadership?

Authentic leadership is as important as clean air in the organization, Says Shri. Suresh Narayanan in the second Purpose Roundtable.

On drawing forward today's talent

Purpose, Culture, Outcomes & Impact needed to attract talent, says Shri Suresh Narayanan in the second Purpose Roundtable.

Corporations and a corrupting democracy

Corporation's sole aim to provide more wealth is corrupting Democracy, says Shri Arun Maira in the second Purpose Roundtable.

Capitalism crisis, democracy crisis

In the second Purpose Roundtable conducted online, Shri Arun Maira talked about how a crisis in capitalism is leading to a crisis in democracy.

Having a value-centric ecosystem

In the second Purpose Roundtable, Mr. Suresh Narayanan discusses how great organizations have a shared value with society.

Purpose and its resulting possibilities

In the second Purpose Roundtable, Mr. Suresh Narayanan discusses how CSR is just a small manifestation of what Purpose could lead to.

Learning to agree among disagreements

Shri. Arun Maira informs the audience about the importance of MBA schools teaching Ethical reasoning, System Thinking and Listening skills to individuals. This will allow for more cooperation among those with differing opinions.

To be aware of the effect of leadership decisions

Corporate leaders are to practice system thinking as a new tool that will allow them to measure the impact their decisions leave on society, states Shri. Arun Maira during the second Purpose Roundtable.

For the company or for society?

According to Shri. Suresh Narayanan, many business managers today face a common conflict - to either comply with the wishes of the company or to act while keeping one's conscience in mind and do good for the society.

From materialism to altruism

Shri. Suresh Narayanan points out the fact that maximizing profits have only led to collateral damage. Thus, businesses need to move away from materialistic profits and focus on doing good for the society.

Helping SMEs rise

During the first Purpose Roundtable, Mr. Ruzbeh Irani talks of how mentoring SMEs on Purpose and Authentic Storytelling would prove to be advantageous.

The right ways of reducing marketing costs

Remarkably, marketing costs have been reduced after making use of Authentic Storytelling and Customer Advocacy, claims Mr. Azad Moopen.

Brandstorm Lecture

Brandstorm is a lecture series organized by Organic BPS where brand owners from various industries share their success stories. Over the last ten years, over 25 brand owners have shared their brand-building experiences through Brandstorm.

Reinforcing one's values

Dr. Mukundan Rajan believes that values could be enriched by past learnings and as part of one's legacy. He deliberates on the same during the first Purpose Roundtable.

The fluidity of Purpose paired with the rigidity of core values

Purpose may change with generations; but core values remain the same despite the flow of time, Mr. Ruzbeh Irani explains.

Genuinely conveying the core purpose

The core Purpose is the most important aspect; therefore, Brand Communication and Storytelling must completely align with it, says Mr. Ruzbeh Irani during the first Purpose Roundtable.

The higher purpose of health insurance companies

The Higher Purpose of Health Insurance Companies mainly involves increasing life expectancy and reducing healthcare costs, states Dr. Mukundan Rajan.

Purpose results in a unified structure

During the first Purpose Roundtable, Mr. Ruzbeh Irani discusses how having a purpose creates alignment across the organisation. This results in increased individual commitment.

Profit is only a consequence; Purpose is its cause

Mr. Azad Moopen in the first Purpose Roundtable claims that purpose is imperative for Business whereas Profit is only a byproduct of it.

The First Edition of the Purpose Roundtable

The First Edition of the Purpose Roundtable sees Global Thought Leaders, Dr. Azad Moopen, Dr. Diane Dodd, Dr. Mukund Rajan and Mr. Ruzbeh Irani, partake in an exclusive conversation which explores why Doing Good is Good Business.

The Second Edition of the Purpose Roundtable

The Second Edition of the Purpose Roundtable contemplates on the theme 'Higher Purpose in Business: Transcending CSR?'. Mr. Arun Maira, Mr. Dileep Narayanan, Mr. Suresh Narayanan, and Mr. Madhav Menon partake in the discussion.

The 77th Edition of Mimamsa

Mr I.S.A.K. Nazar presented a talk on 'Brand Building and the Challenges for Entrepreneurs' during the 77th episode of Mimamsa, imparting many life lessons in leadership and entrepreneurship.

The 75th Edition of Mimamsa

The 75th episode of Mimamsa saw Professor Biju Varkkey imparting his thoughts on 'Aligning Talent with the Purpose'.

Doing good is Good Business

Dr. Azad Moopen reiterates that doing good is indeed good business during the first Purpose Roundtable.

Women hold a greater preference for a Higher Purpose

According to Dr. Diane Dodd, women are less inclined towards Profit, and lean more towards a Higher Purpose.

Greenstorm Global Photography Award: Edition XIII

The XIII Greenstorm Global Photography Award was bestowed upon the winner on 18th March 2022, thereby bringing the competition to an end. The virtual ceremony was graced with the esteemed presence of Mr. Shashi Tharoor.

XII International Greenstorm Nature Photography Exhibition Inauguration

The twelfth exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Erik Solheim, former Executive Director of UNEP and former Environmental Minister of Norway.

Greenstorm Global Photography Festival - Award Ceremony 2019

The award ceremony was hosted on 14th December 2019 with Mr. Shaji N Karun handing out the awards.

Greenstorm Eco Tales Launch

The Greenstorm Eco Tales was inaugurated by Dr. Azad Moopen along with Professor Shobeendran Master.

Greenstorm Online Exhibition 2019

'This is not the way we should live' says Shri K Jayakumar IAS during his talk at the exhibition.

Greenstorm Foundation Launch Ceremony 2018

Mr. R Balakrishnan was invited for the launch of the foundation.

Marketing Communication Post-Covid

The talk was presented at the Marketing Summit of Department of Management Studies, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.

The 76th Edition of Mimamsa

The event saw Ms. Suchitra Menon sharing her experiences as a professional in handling the 'fear of failure'.

Measuring GDP in health and not wealth

During the second Purpose Roundtable, Mr Arun Maira claims that GDP should be viewed as an increase in well-being and not wealth.

Having a business contributing towards society and nature

Business has to have a connection with the sustenance of the society and the physical environment around us, says Mr Arun Maira