Mine your Purpose

The existential essence or higher purpose of a brand quintessentially defines and differentiates it. The higher purpose is the foundation of the brand's unique belief system/culture.

How will you discover the brand's higher purpose? We have developed a proprietary tool with 5 sequential steps to enable you to excavate your brand's higher purpose scientifically. We call it the 'Brand Farm'.

Starting from the 'Values' that the brand is pillared upon, the intriguing journey of discovery will continue with distilling the 'Essence' of the brand, then moving on to the inherent 'Passion' that drives the business, to the 'Social Conscience' that humanizes the brand and finally unleashing the 'Belief' that the brand stands for. The progressive excavation finally culminates in crystallizing the brand's 'Organic Purpose'. Through BrandFarm we equip companies with a full-fledged framework by articulating the values, purpose, vision, and mission.

Nurture Your Purpose Brand

Integrating Purpose into an organization is a continuous process. We recommend three distinct steps in curating a purpose brand by aligning its Brand Persona, Products/Services, and People with the organization's Higher Purpose. We do it by nurturing your brand in the Green House.

  • The Brand Persona is re-aligned with the discovered Brand Purpose using 'design-based solutions'.
  • By applying 'Design Thinking Principles', we re-align the existing products/services with the Brand Purpose.
  • We form a culture code and facilitate 'cultural immersion' through internal diffusion programs to help align all stakeholders with the Purpose.
  • We create IPs & Activations that forge lasting relationships with the target audience and build brand loyalty.
Make Your Brand Bloom

To communicate the brand purpose, we use the emotional Storytelling Technique. We make sure that the brand narratives we create are based on the 'ISE Principle' - Intriguing, Strategic, and Emotional. It invokes curiosity to generate instantaneous interest in people for the brand; it is strategic to the core in delivering the intended brand message and would be loaded with emotional appeal.