A recipe for success

A good recipe is not just about the right ingredients. It’s also about sautéing, roasting, grilling, frying, baking... Different rituals give different results. BPS CREST, our Strategic Consulting Service, has its cabinets full of planning strategies and its larder full of creative skills for developing winning brands and businesses.

True appetite never wanes

A healthy appetite is never met with a single meal. Recipes are rediscovered. Success redefined. The Co-Created Result Ensuring Strategic Tools (CREST) extends support to clients for building brands and growing businesses. On an ongoing monthly retainer basis, the CREST provides consulting service on branding to keep your market appetite both whetted and sated.


  • Strategic Business Consulting
  • Design Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Perception Survey
  • Feasibility Study
  • Personal Branding


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You eat with your eyes first.

The best of chefs believe this. Visual appeal sets an expectation for what’s to come. And this is true not only for food, but also for anything you may desire to have. According to psychology, one’s perception is dominated by what one’s eyes see. Rather, eyes see, and other senses follow. Therefore, the first impression you create simply has to be the best.

Sugarcoating does not create lasting impressions.

What you see is perceived first by its colour, texture, size, shape and many other factors. Optimizing all these factors to get the desired effect is what we call design. To us, designing is much more than drawing a beautiful picture. In fact, it has nothing to do with the picture. It has everything to do with communication. After all, a first impression can be created only once!


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Collaterals
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Packaging Design

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We cherry-pick n’ mix.

Attractive salads make enticing buffets. Handpick fruits and vegetables, and mix them just right to get that come-hither look. So also with our advertising. With a sensational mix of farm-fresh concepts, taste-tested ideas and hand-picked media, we make sure our advertising catches consumer attention.

Snacks & starters, wraps & meals, dishes & desserts

Advertising, like salads, takes different forms to beckon the customer – print, television, radio and outdoor.  We create different marketing menus to cater to different consumer tastes. Add to it the right strategy, an original concept and a creative, communicative design, and there, you have a winning campaign in place!


  • On Print
  • On Air
  • On Ground
  • Online

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Fresh from the oven

Brandize is the latest to enter our tray of entrees. And now we have our tray full. Brandize offers solid branding solutions in the virtual market environment, enticing your customers to linger longer on your brand appeal.

Cherry on the cake

Or call it the icing on the marketing cake. Without Brandize, your marketing efforts are incomplete. It adds that extra dimension to your marketing endeavours and that extra comfort to the customer experience. Suffice it to say, more often than not, it is the cherry that gets the cake noticed! It improves the visibility of your products and services, attracting more traffic to your website.


  • ​Creative Web Design
  • Video Creation & Promotion
  • Digital Brand Consulting
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO)

From vine to wine, we take care of everything.

Production is like making wine. Clean the equipment, sort the grapes, crush them, test the must, ferment it, monitor the ferment, bottle it and serve it. Well this quite explains our printing/production process. Discard old concepts, sort new ones, brainstorm ideas, mull over them, generate the outcome, package it and deliver.

From soup to nuts, we do it all.

From stationery to packaging, posters to banners, brochures to newsletters, compliments to gifts, you name it, we provide it. We offer products that meet your expectation, match your brand identity and boost your brand recall.


  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Jingles
  • Exhibits
  • Branded Corporate Compliments
  • Printing
  • Brand Infra

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All good food has a story to tell

We eat, we enjoy and we share the story of good food. Most likely, the story is as delectable as the food. Much like the brands we create. Every brand has a great flavour and leaves a lingering taste. Moreover, it has an interesting story to say. And there’s always a perfect way to tell each story.

Lay out the best silver

Not to mention, we do have a way with stories. Be it good food or good story, we make an occasion out of it. We lay out the best linens, crystal, china and silver. In short, we spare no effort at sharing it. Through brand activation initiatives, we create increased brand awareness and everlasting bonds between products and people.


  • Product Launches
  • Events
  • Seminars & Speaking Engagements

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Mouth-watering menus!

Public Relations is like putting up attractive, mouth-watering menus in the right places – where they are seen, read and talked about. They are about highlighting special recipes for special occasions and other daily specials. The idea is to get the tongues drooling first and then wagging.

A showcase of cuisine and culture

Cuisine is always paired with culture. In fact it holds a mirror to culture. We make sure our public relations efforts such as press conferences and speaking engagements clearly communicate not only what our client’s platter offers but also their organizational culture, what they stand for and why.


  • Public Relations Counsel
  • Corporate Reputation Management
  • Media Relations

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Winning recipes made easy

The best recipes are easy to cook and they taste great. Our training programmes are some of the best examples of winning recipes made simple and easy, and above all effective. As all experienced chefs do, we too have some incredible tips to turn around a sumptuous, gratifying meal of success.

A morsel of food, a meal of success!

Organic BPS organizes boot camps for B-Schools and corporations to give them relevant insight into marketing and branding strategies both in the online and offline media. Each boot camp is a healthy snack packed with wholesome ingredients essential for balanced sustenance and long-term growth.


  • Digital Boot Camps
  • Brand Workshops
  • Oudoor MDP

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