Where organic blends of strategy and creativity are served – on a platter.

Truthful in communication, natural in expression and ethical in execution, we dare to call ourselves ‘organic.’ Organic BPS is an award-winning, INS-accredited advertising and branding agency based in Kochi. Founded on principles of pure, unadulterated business ethics, Organic BPS has been true to its roots ever since its inception in 1999. Always close to elements raw and rustic, we know what it means to refine to add real value. To develop brands and nourish businesses, we serve the right mix of ingredients – skills, designs and strategy.

From the grinder to the garnish, every step is done to taste.

From concept to design to buildup, we leave no idea untossed in turning out the best outcomes. We are eager in trying varying flavours to satisfy the ever-increasing appetite of the market. Our clientele is diverse, our partnerships long-term, and our techniques evolving with changing times.

The Team

The Master Chef – perfectly tuned to the tastes of the market

Branding is like a box of assorted confections – chocolate, cake, candy, pastry... The list is long. The products are made to linger in the minds and hearts of people. And packaged prettily too. The effects are so that none can say no. Organic BPS is steered by Dileep Narayanan, Founder and Managing Director, who knows the taste buds, rather the pulse, of the varied segments of the market. Under his stewardship, the team dishes out the very best.


Dileep Narayanan is the Founder and Managing Director of Organic BPS Pvt. Ltd. and Brandize Consulting Pvt. Ltd. A connoisseur of communication strategies for brands, he is a member to the Zonal Advisory Board of Life Insurance Corporation, and an Advisory Board member of Asset Homes.
He is the recipient of the Emerging Entrepreneur 2015 award instituted by Junior Chamber International (JCI). He is an active Rotarian having held various positions in the club and district level. He is the recipient of the Best President Award of the RI District 3201.
A post graduate in Management, he is a regular speaker at various management institutes and seminars, and an active member of KMA and IIA.


Making healthy brands – an art, science and business

Catering to brands involves skills in various fields. The art of it is in the creation of moods and the science in the techniques. Making them work, finally, is business. Our team consists of more than 25 experienced professionals who put the right and left sides of their brains together to bring results that you would relish.


Yummy as it is, yummier with a dip!

Some foods are yummy as they are and yummier with a dip. That’s the kind of stuff we serve. And the dip we’re talking about is not a jam or a sauce or chutney. Ask Mom, she’ll tell you. It’s the passion with which she cooks and the love with which she serves. Those are the core values of her cooking – the best you have known.

Like any chef would tell you – Mom is the best!

So would we. And so we make sure we serve just right with the right dip – our commitment to righteousness, excellence and result. We put all our passion into what we do. And we absolutely love to serve you the best. Actually, after Moms, we are the best.

Bringing home the bacon

That’s what all the fuss is about after all. To relish and grow. But not alone. When we grow, we grow together – those behind the burner and those across the table. To cut a long recipe short, we put in all that’s needed to help everyone grow. We "help growth by building brands."

So what’s cooking?

Something special. We have a different menu, a different recipe and a different platter for all. Something that you would relish. Something that you need. Something that is a boost for the bones of your business. Something that helps you grow by leaps and bounds.

A panel of tastemakers.

To help us consistently serve what is fresh, healthy, and most definitely delicious, we have a panel of tastemakers from various domains who are experts in Management, Strategy, Creative, Media and Digital.

Shri. V. K. Madhav Mohan​

Corporate Mentor, Mumbai

V. K. Madhav Mohan is a unique combination of ideas, multi-domain knowledge, organizational skills and leadership capabilities. He is a mentor to leading corporations in India and abroad. He has been nominated as a Fellow by the Salzburg Seminar, one of the world's leading think tanks. Madhav Mohan was one of the youngest ever directors of State Bank of Travancore. Reserve Bank of India co-opted him as the only outsider in a high-level committee on capacity building for banks in India in 2014.


Shri. Biju Dominic

CEO and Co-founder, Final Mile Consulting, Mumbai

CEO and Co-founder, Final Mile Consulting, with offices in Mumbai, Chicago and New York. He pioneered the development of Behaviour Architecture, the new art and science of moulding human behaviour in business and social contexts by combining learning from Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics and Design. Previously he had been the CEO of DMA Branding, Vice President of Mudra Communications and Associate Vice President of Lowe Lintas.


Shri. Rajeev Raja

Founder and CEO, BrandMusiq, Mumbai

An expert and exciting flautist, Rajeev Raja, is equally fluent with various genres of music ranging from Jazz to Indian Classical to Rock to Latin. He has been a creative director in advertising for the past two decades. After quitting his last post as National Creative Director at DDB Mudra, he started a sonic branding company called BrandMusiq, and now consults various leading companies.


Shri. Ninan Thariyan

CEO, Daily Thanthi Next, Chennai

Ninan Thariyan, has left an indelible mark in the print media over a span of 32 years, and is currently working as CEO, Daily Thanthi Next, Chennai. Earlier he had been the Vice President of Bennett, Coleman & Company Ltd, the brand owners of The Times Group, including The Times of India and The Economic Times.


Shri. Gaurav Singhal

CEO, Blue Digital Media, New Delhi

Gaurav Singhal is an accomplished Internet professional with 14+ years of online marketing experience in helping big brands and start-ups with his digital marketing counsel, and is a pioneer in the digital marketing industry of India. He is Founder and CEO of Blue Digital Media P Ltd with offices in Noida, UAE and Malaysia.


Finger-lickin’, lip-smackin’...all the way!

Organic BPS has received smacking appreciation for its innovative abilities and design skills from our peers and the industry. We have succeeded in building brands that have a lingering appeal. The awards we showcase with pride include Pepper Awards, FUCA Awards, NIB Awards and Creative Deadline Contest Awards to name a few.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

However, our most valued recognition comes from our long-standing clientele. We have spent long fulfilling years growing up and evolving with our clients. Just like any experienced culinarian who knows that a full stomach makes a happy heart, at Organic BPS, we strive to keep our clients happy. We do not give up until we hear that final belch of approval.