What did the BLUE do for the GREEN?



World Environment Day always inspires the nature lover in us. A day to think how we would reciprocate to Mother Earth for giving us everything she has in her bounteous ways. For some, it’s about planting trees, reducing the use of plastic, and for others, it’s about making resolutions not to engage in activities that degrade ecosystems.

But some companies think ahead of all, like the Muthoot Pappachan Group. In 1995, to generate clean energy and become carbon neutral, the company ventured into alternate energy by starting their Wind Farms at Muppandal, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. Over these decades, the Group has generated over 500 million units of clean energy.

Taking this message across to the audience was our task. Rather than approaching it from the angle of making a great video, we thought of urging people to join a larger, loftier, patriotic and purposeful idea of the Second Freedom Struggle for an Energy Independent India. To inspire and subtly invoke a lingering question in their minds ”Are you part of India’s Second Freedom Struggle?”.  

Two and a half decades of the Group’s contributions and the purposeful message to fellow patriots had to be compressed into just 30 seconds in the form of a digital film to be populated across the Group’s social handles.

Just watch the ”BlueForGreen” film and know what Muthoot Blue is doing for our Green Earth!