True responsibility transcends oceans!



The UAE Kerala diaspora is over a million.  These people were cut off from their dear and near ones in Kerala for over a year and a half. The travel restrictions that have come into existence due to the pandemic have made getting even essential help extended to their families in Kerala very difficult. Getting vaccinations for their old parents, hospitalisation and care for the family etc., the list of requirements goes on and on. But who will help them bridge the gap?

Asset Homes, known as The Responsible Builder, came forward and extended their hands to the Keralites in UAE. Asset Homes launched an initiative called the ‘’Asset Salaam Dubai’’ with a unique number dedicated to calling up the help desk to get any critical thing done for their dear ones in Kerala.

To get the storytelling perfectly done, we got Mr Prithviraj Sukumaran, the brand ambassador, to do an emotion-packed video to get the message across to the Malayalees in Dubai through his social media handles.  The story uses the Arabian Sea as to metaphor for the current situation that brings a vast ocean of aloofness between expatriates and their families. Put in a soulful way, in the native Malayalam as Prithviraj signs off saying ‘’Kadal Kadannethum Karuthal’’.

Come what may, true love and responsibility will find their way through all obstacles. Watch and feel assured that there is someone, somewhere, ready to hold out the hand and say ‘’Responsibly Yours’’.