After the first Roundtable’s massive success, the Centre for Higher Purpose in Business organised its Second Purpose Roundtable on January 15, 2021. Discussing the theme “Higher Purpose in Business: Transcending CSR?” Thought Leaders opined that Businesses must move away from Profit Maximisation and redesign themselves as Social Enterprises.

Shri Arun Maira, Former Member, Planning Commission & Former Chairman Boston Consulting Group, and Shri Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestle India participated in the Roundtable. Shri V K Madhav Mohan, Growth Multiplier and Mentor led the discussion, and Shri Dileep Narayanan, Founder & Brand Mentor of Organic BPS curated the Round Table.

Shri Arun Maira advocated the need for teaching a Systems Thinking habit in every Business leader, where one should assess the impact that the decision would have on the larger society and called upon Management schools to teach this in their curriculum.

Concurring with the views expressed on Systems Thinking, Shri Suresh Narayanan further added that Milton Friedman argument on Profit Maximization by Businesses have led to collateral damages. In the new-world, Businesses need to move away from mere profits to doing good for society. He said Corporate leaders must continuously evaluate the impact of their products and services on the community and environment at large.

Shri V K Madhav Mohan, summarising the thoughts said it is essential now for Corporates to collaborate, be humble, listen to the lives you would impact, and incorporate those in their products/services to deliver greater good to the society.