While discussing on organisations and brands giving different messaging on Purpose and Brand Promise, during the First Edition of Purpose Roundtable, Mr Ruzbeh Irani, President HR & Communications, Member Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., joining from Mumbai said, “As far as the Mahindra Group is concerned, the Brand Promise and their Higher Purpose are the same. The Core Purpose is ‘Rise’ and the Brand Promise is on ‘enabling to rise'”. Elaborating further on Values and Purpose, he said that the core values are immutable, but Purpose can change over generations. During Mahindra’s inception around India’s independence, the purpose of the company spoke about Indians being second to none and how Mahindra would passionately work to prove the same. Over the years, when Mahindra became a global company, Purpose did not make sense, and they came up with a new purpose statement. ‘Purpose’ may change through generations in an organisation, but values are sacrosanct. He said that though you may work towards the Purpose, the filter would always be the core values that the organisation upholds.