Aligning Purpose in creating a Sustainable Organisation


The pandemic has set up new challenges to business leadership. Clubbed with the technological advancements leadership is transforming.  In the new normal it is imperative that business leaders should rethink on their strategy for sure success.

Fundamentals of leadership such as vision and strategy would continue to be the guiding force for organisational growth, but in the era of the technological advancements of AI, IoT, Robotics, one should not forget that these would be enablers and the real aspect of leadership is in creating a humane organisation by putting people first.

Inclusive leadership, understanding the differences of opinion and aligning each individual goals and propose with that of the organization’s purpose becomes the key factor. In the age of great resignations, the core values of the organisation need to be communicated effectively and inculcated into the organization through customised immersion techniques.

The first step in creating sustainable organisations is to make sure that employees enjoy coming to work and perceive that their contribution is valued. Following the higher purpose of the organisation and integrating that into the value systems goes a long way in creating a robust and successful organisation.

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