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A rich flavour of culture

What one serves and how one serves is a reflection of culture. Organic BPS is built on the principles of business ethics and professional excellence with a view to consistently exceed client expectations. And quality – of thought, process and outcome – is as imperative as salt in your soup.

A handy cookbook shelf

MIMAMSA is a series of in-house programmes to ensure ongoing education, introspection, and goal setting. The team is mentored by leaders from diverse industries. In fact, we try all the tricks in the cookbook to make sure we cut the mustard!

We eat, we drink and we’re merry!

We are not all food and no play. And we are definitely not dull Jacks. Our cricket team – the Red Stormers – has stormed into the sports arena and left a sizzling trail.

What’s sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.

Cricket’s not all that we play.  We mean girls don’t just sit on the fence and watch the boys play. We occasionally throw together events where we create short films, stage skits, and let out our creative juices through contests of several other genres.