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This blog space is a slice of our mind space. Here, we share some ideas (which could be explosive), some thoughts (which could be wild) and some experiences (which could be precarious) that we have encountered on our journey of building brands. But who said the journey of building brands would be a smooth one? It is an inquiring, interesting, incredible journey of discovery. Especially for those like us who are in the business of building brands. And we would sure like to interact with those who would like to build their brands. So please feel free to comment, correspond or call.

Colour and Coca Cola

2nd November 2016

Colour red has always stood for power, excitement, energy and passion. In Coca Cola’s case it really worked since the colour stimulates appetite and it also increases chances of impulse purchase. More than anything else, it is also an eye-catching colour and stands out from the rest. more

Colour your brand!

1st November 2016

The study titled ‘Impact of Colour on Marketing’ says that 90% of quick judgements that happen are based on colours. Yet another study reveals the fact that relationship between brands and colours hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the colour that is being used. In the more

Scented razors for a sharper experience!

31st October 2016

We use lots of scented products in the shower and perhaps the only thing that is not scented is the razor. But here is a new razor that exudes with a subtle scent. The smell is a combination of spearmint, citrus and rosemary which is embedded into the rubber portion of the handle. The Schick& more

What is the voice of your brand?

27th October 2016

In branding, especially in the days of sensory branding, sound plays a crucial role in the recognition of a brand. It doesn't mean that the sonic signature has to be a jingle or a song. Take for example the iconic sounds like the noise that plays every time your Apple computer boots up, or more

Carry your health adviser wherever you go.

19th October 2016

UK based AVA is an intelligent assistant that is able to provide your healthy eating tips by using a combination of image recognition and tips from nutritionists. Users can take pictures of their meals and share the same with AVA and they shall be provided with details of nutritional and more

Self-lacing shoes from Nike.

17th October 2016

This time its Nike, one of the world’s most popular sneaker and sports accessory brands has launched their new shoes named Nike- Mags. The thought has been ignited by the sci-fi adventure flick ‘Back to the Future’. Undoubtedly they are also the most expensive pair of shoes in more